Wednesday, November 24, 2010

"It's better than flying"

"Radiation or humiliation" is the cute catch phrase associated with the anti-TSA protests that are supposed to happen today. I predict they will fail—when people start to stress about missing their flights, they'll do the scan.

I am one of those "ideology first, except when inconvenienced" kinds of Americans. Perhaps you know others.

But I was reminded about the evil genius of South Park, with an episode that aired 2 months after September 11th (when, as you may have heard, there were events). A mode of transportation with tubes inserted in your anus and your throat = better than the shit you put up with at the airport.

At least you KNOW you won't be the victim of terrorism (any more than putting up with these excesses already make you one)... unless the terrorists find out that they can pretend to be caterers or baggage handlers to bypass security altogether. Or just go after the cargo. Thank you TSA! America, fuck yeah!

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