Thursday, November 18, 2010

Great moments in stupid thinking

I thought about picking up a 6-pack of Diet Pepsi in 24 ounce bottles (my preferred form factor) on my way out to Bodega Bay--I was well aware that the shopping options would be limited in a tourist town. Yet I didn't.

So we stopped at a market (insanely crowded, very narrow aisles, I panicked). A 2-liter bottle was $3.99. Yikes. I figured we'd be near a regular grocery store eventually, so I bought a 20 ounce bottle and we took off. (Click on map to embiggen.)

My ill-conceived journey for Diet Pepsi
A is the rental where Sonya was staying (ergo, where I was couching). B is the Union Hotel in Occidental, where we had dinner. That segment between A and B where the road seems to head straight north more or less, was on a small, winding road. In the darkness of the woods I think we saw 4 or 5 deer (but no sasquatch, dammit).

I misunderstood the recommendation from the woman with the 2 barky dogs in the unit next to Sonya's--I thought the Union Hotel had Southern-style cooking, but it was family style Italian... it turned out to be a great meal, but it was initially met with trepidation.

Actually, I think we stumbled into a fantastic meal (or good wine and a LOT of food made everything better). I'm pretty sure Sonya's roast chicken was coated with olive oil, herbs, spices, and heroin (based on the addictive taste). My chicken something something on a pasta of sorts was gone within 20 minutes, so clearly I didn't enjoy a bit of it.
Chicken something something at the Union Hotel, via an iPhone with no flash
On the way out I caught sight of this menagerie of gingerbread men.
A collection of gingerbread men, via an iPhone with no flash
From there, off to Lucky's to secure my Diet Pepsi. Somehow I'd decided that Sonya would also want to stock up on provisions, what with the markets having so little, etc. That wasn't the case.

The trek from Occidental to Lucky's was 7 miles and dark and confusing and we made a bad turn (fortunately firemen helped us out). We found Lucky's. And I found out that I wasn't actually reading Sonya's mind at all. She didn't need anything (okay, dishwashing soap to clean up some canine poop issues, and then milk for my coffee which, as I'm typing this, I realize I never had).

And, AND, while I got a 6-pack, I only actually drank 2 of them. I left 2 with her (and took 2 back to SFO with me).


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