Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Cunt du Jour: Senator Jon Kyl

(h\t DailyKos)
Cunt du Jour 11/24/2010 Sen. Jon Kyl
Remember when it was all the immigrants? Well it was the immigrants AND it was the taxes AND it was the earmarks.

And the true blue fiscal conservative (cough) Republicans all rallied against the earmarks and decided to agree that they would all abstain from inserting earmarks, proving themselves to be the grown-ups.

That agreement happened 3 days ago.

Guess who inserted an earmark in a bill today.

No really, guess.

Now as far as I'm concerned, he's actually representing the people of his state, but then I didn't tell him to say "no earmarks"... I'm just making fun of his hypocrisy.

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