Sunday, October 31, 2010

About Time: The Last Word on Project Runway Season 8

The awkwardness of the reunion segment kinda underscores just how weak this season has been.

I wasn't super surprised with the final 3, and I found myself really feeling for Michael C. at the end. Hopefully he can enjoy outlasting most of the haters.

As for the winner, I wasn't entirely surprised after Tom and Lorenzo said something like "you never know what flavor crack will be in the judges' pipes" so I didn't have any expectations. And then it got spoiled from an unlikely place, so I now know the winner before actually watching (it's on right now).

And T Lo really wrote a solid piece on the finale (here) so I'll save myself the effort.

Worst season ever? Certainly of Project Runway, but probably not of all television.

Surely not.

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