Friday, August 27, 2010

Congratulations to Ken Mehlman, you big slut

Stupid war criminal (l) and evil whore (r).
He's a big slut because he fucked every gay man in America. (And the lesbians too.)

Wait, he got paid to fuck us... technically he's a whore. Ken Mehlman, you big whore.

He's  the youngest person ever to win both the Lee Atwater Lifetime Achievement Award and now the Roy Cohn Lifetime Achievement Award.

He receives bonus Irony Points based on his role as a trustee of the Holocaust Museum--perhaps what drew him to the position was the Nazi's persecution of homosexuals and what he could learn from that to assist the George W. Bush (war criminal) administration in its persecution of teh gayz. (Not that Karl Rove needs help from anyone; even Lee Atwater watches from Hell thinking "ooh, that's just evil.")

Next up? Hmmm, what's the auto-antisemitic equivalent?

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