Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Stars are falling, the time is changing

I love The Blue Nile, the frustratingly slow-to-record Scottish band that every 5 or 7 years releases a new album to fuck with me emotionally. I can't explain why their music gets me, in a really substantial way, but the number of times I find myself crying while listening their music is unsettling. And I'm pretty sure it's not intentional (on their part--I know it's not on my part). And I wish they were more prolific (which is a little counter-intuitive).

All that being said, their collaboration with trumpeter Chris Botti came on during my evening train ride home, and even with it not being an official Blue Nile song, boom, weepy-time. It's written by the Blue Nile's primary songwriters and features all 3 of the band, along with Botti, so think of "Midnight Without You" as one of their b-sides.

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