Monday, July 19, 2010

Song of the Day: "Youngblood"

I heard some of Passport Approved yesterday--it's what Musical Shores would have been if Mark Bailey limited himself to English-language songs (which he didn't--the man may lack social skills, good looks, regular grooming, hell any number of socially-desirable traits, but both his ability with languages, and his curiosity for exploring music of the world, amazed me)--and heard 2 bands I liked back to back.

Now some might say that I like New Zealand (btw, my blogger spell check doesn't recognize that country name, great) band The Naked and Famous because I like Passion Pit and they sound exactly the same. I do not yet have a rebuttal for that.

This is from their debut album which may or may not also be called Youngblood (I can't find anything specific to them and there are lots of songs and books with both the words "naked" and "famous" included, and "youngblood" is pretty common as well). The video (cause it's not on Soundcloud) is directed by Special Problems. That name I'm able to confirm. Happy Monday, and enjoy.

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