Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Read this thing that guy I like wrote

Glenn Greenwald at Salon, on the hypocrisies of the Obama Administration ignoring myriad egregious sins, but going after, with full gusto, Bradley Manning, a whistle-blower whose sin is turning over proof that the US Army was covering up innocent deaths in Afghanistan. He didn't actually kill anyone, just provided evidence of the cover-up. From Glenn:
Manning is the second case of the Obama Administration going after a whistleblower in a matter of weeks. This is the same administration that said it would not investigate George W. Bush for his fucking war crimes (as you know, he's a fucking war criminal, and Dick Cheney is a war criminal AND a war profiteer) because it did not want to look backward.

Except for you whistleblowers. Suck it.

If you aren't aware of the Manning story, or of Wikileaks in general (here), turn off the World Cup! Shit.

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Becky said...

Dude, Leave the World Cup out of it. Pick on something stupidly American...don't disparage the name of the ONE GAME which actually unites the planet!