Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The post-Bush scorched earth economy

[NOTE: I started this earlier today, but wasn't able to give this much time since I was at work and needed to actually work--which I generally do, by the way, but if I see a quick opportunity for a post I take it. This deserved more thought and, frankly, anger. This very graphic is on screen as I sit down to watch Countdown, so hopefully I'm only part of the chorus today.]

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If you, or someone you know, is complaining about the deficit, the looming expiration of the George W. Bush (war criminal) tax cuts for the wealthy, unemployment benefits or stimulus money, do not talk to me. The Bush era did more to fuck this country's economy over than any other 8 years ever, EVER.

This graph from The Atlantic (here) tells you a lot about the state of the economy. So Sharron Angle, pay some fucking attention--people out of work and looking for jobs outnumber available jobs by more than 3 to 1. When you factor in people who have given up even looking for work, it's a gap of about 14 million.

Anyone who thinks people are unemployed because they want to enjoy the lavish lifestyle that unemployed benefits offer are annoying idiots. Anyone who says that these people are lazy because there are jobs out there needs to shut the fuck up and never say anything about anything to anyone anywhere ever again.

"You can make more money on unemployment than you can going down and getting one of those jobs that is an honest job, but it doesn’t pay as much."--Sharron Angle
Sharron Angle, that means you. The easily-manipulated group of racists who decided to work against their own best interests to oppose the black guy in the Oval Office (aka the Tea Party) that gives you quasi-legitimacy as the official Republican candidate for Senate from Nevada should be ashamed of you.

I am fucking tired of people who don't actually give economics a serious thought whining about the deficit. Why do we have a deficit? Because George W. Bush, the war criminal, flushed away more than a trillion dollar surplus through tax cuts that heavily favored the ultra wealthy and 2 wars that never were appropriately budgeted for. It is unprecedented in American history to receive tax cuts DURING a war, and yet it happened under Bush. Every time I hear a Republican smack talking Obama about how he needs to remember we're in a war (Liz fucking Cheney) I wonder why they didn't remind Bush about that when he was cutting taxes. Grrrr, I am mad as hell right now.

So our country is broke down from Bush. We are in some serious shit right now. The best way out is from massive government programs.  A "new deal" that hires 500,000 Americans tomorrow to get them weatherizing old homes for this winter--less energy demand in the winter means lower energy costs for everyone. Subsidies for back to school supplies for kids of unemployed parents (summer just started here, but I know back to school is looming down south, and that shit's not cheap). An infusion of cash into suffering public transportation systems, and bring every bridge in this country up to current safety standards. Open centers that train young adults for daycare work while offering free or low-cost daycare. Hire 100,000 Americans to start cleaning up the BP oil disaster.

Worried about the deficit? Tough shit, the time to worry about that was around 2004. Build a time machine and go complain.

But here's your chance for some philosophical integrity: when the temporary Bush tax cuts expire, don't complain. They are contributing to the deficit and you know how much you hate that. Oh, and those temporary tax cuts were only supposed to be temporary.

And they resulted in NO FUCKING JOBS. So don't EVER AGAIN say that tax cuts will spur new jobs. You have a decade of evidence to the contrary so shut the fuck up.

If you are out of work and complain about the expiration of these tax cuts, you are stupid. If you aren't working, you aren't paying (many) taxes, so you won't be hurt. What are the wealthy doing for you that you don't want them to pay their fair share again?

If you make enough money to be affected by the expiration of these tax cuts and object, you are selfish, pure and simple. Seriously, the people who complain about their taxes today are selfish. Many of these are the same people who romanticize about the 1950s, when tax rates were 2-3 times higher. What the fuck?

And do not give me any of that libertarianism bullshit. The BP oil disaster and the fucking financial meltdown are great examples of how, when markets are deregulated, bad things happen. Oil clean-up technology has NOT advanced any since Exxon Valdez despite constant industry deregulation. But according to Ayn Rand some fucking genius should have revolutionized that industry and would be king of the world. Instead we're pouring toxic chemicals in the water to hide the oil. Same as we did before.

Democrats in Congress continue to flail around trying to make compromises to get an extension to unemployment benefits. If you are out of work, go sit in your Congressperson's office. Just go sit. Maybe while you're there ask them how their staff size has changed over the last 5 years--you think they've suffered the same dynamics real business has?

I don't know if any of this made any sense but quit fucking bitching about the deficit unless you are Paul Krugman and have been waving the red flag since 2001... he's exempt.


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