Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A little Digby helps put things into perspective

Yesterday (here) I was angry about something. Something about the economy, and the people who complain about the super high taxes and OMG the deficit, that ginormous deficit that came out of NOWHERE all of a sudden now that a top secret Kenyan is usurping the Presidency.

Esteemed blogger Digby (here) has another pretty line graph and some thoughtful words (click image to embiggen):
Corporations have been able to restore their profitability in the midst of the worst economy in generations even though sales levels are still below those before the recession began. When employers are able to recover their profits many years before their employees can even hope to attain the income and employment levels they had prior to recession’s devastation, economic policy is clearly skewed in favor of corporations and not workers.

Well maybe they are skewed in favor of the corporations, but don't people understand that profits are hardly even worth having if people have to pay taxes on them? It's like a slap in the face, especially when bloggers are being so rude to them and all. CEOs have feelings too --- they put their Armani slacks on one leg at a time, just like you do. So while they may be making money hand over fist, they feel unloved and unappreciated. Those people running out of benefits should walk a mile in those CEOs' Prada slip-ons and see what real suffering is. I think they'd learn a thing or two.
The best part was a recap of someone from the Heritage Institute claiming that people are moving to New York state look for work to take advantage of 2 years worth of benefits. Despite the reality that your unemployment benefits are ALWAYS linked to the state where benefits initiated, regardless of where you move.

Dumbass (Heritage dude, not Digby... she's supercool).

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