Sunday, July 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Nelson Mandela

Remember apartheid, that systematic oppression of the rights of one group by another? (I know what you're thinking, "oh fuck, another gay marriage rant" and... we'll see.) Because the government that enforced apartheid in South Africa branded Nelson Mandela a "terrorist" he was, pretty much, treated like a terrorist. And because they were the government, they were right.

And because they were the government, and they were right, and they were dealing with "terrorists" (because the government said they were terrorists, ergo it was true), they needed to use torture against these terrorists. Hey, they're terrorists, it's what they deserve. They hate our freedom.

But you know, Mandela wasn't always a non-violent protester. He participated in a series of bombings of empty government offices (viewed as a "last resort" after non-violent means weren't gaining anything) which makes him no better than William Ayers. And according to Sarah Palin, Ayers is a terrorist, plain and simple (the fact is, although "simple" also applies to Palin, as do "greedy" and "liar").

Anyway, apartheid... yeah.
Just replace "bathing area" with "marriage rights" and "white race" with "heterosexuals." Hey, you were right. Here's some music.

And I leave you with the song that is ACTUALLY RESPONSIBLE FOR ENDING APARTHEID (and it includes Nona Hendryx, bitches), "Sun City."

After his Presidency, Mandela became a highly-paid consultant for FOX News... no wait, corporate speaker? That doesn't sound right. He became an advocate for a variety of social and human rights organizations.

Happy birthday dude! Rock on!

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