Thursday, July 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Linda Ronstadt

If you listen to her earnestly, you have to admit her voice is remarkable. Aside from the image of her on rollerskates on that album cover, this is a woman with one of the clearest (thank you Chris Wilson) voices in pop music--modifiers are unnecessarily limiting; she's worked in rock, pop, traditional pop, country, folk, Latin, light opera/musical theater, and children's music (so far).

Here's a sampling:

Her 10 Grammys and 17 more nominations span multiple categories in 10 areas (she has not yet been nominated in an R&B, rap, Native American or Hawaiian music category... or jazz). She won an Emmy in 1989 for Individual Performance, singing music from Canciones de Mi Padre in an episode of Great Performances. She was nominated for a Tony for Pirates of Penzance (with Rex Smith, bitches, you are old!!!) in 1981. She has no Oscar nominations, but she's performed at least one nominated song ("Somewhere Out There")--there are probably more, but I just realized the time.

She sings the Plow King jingle ("let it ring!") in English AND in Spanish in The Simpsons and I can't embed it!!!! Curse you, vile copyright enforcement. Click here to hear, and when the burp starts, close it.

In summary: we love Linda Ronstadt.

Happy birthday dude! Rock on!

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