Monday, July 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Brian May PhD

Brian May says he didn't know Freddie Mercury was gay?
Brian May says he didn't know Freddie Mercury was gay!
Brian May SAYS he didn't know Freddie Mercury was gay.

Oh yeah, Freddie Mercury was gay. I knew before I even understood what "gay" really meant--gaydar, it's real, and while I run in stealth mode (I am a fat slob, so clearly I am trying to star in a CBS sitcom, possibly with a hot 26-year old actress as my wife) that doesn't make it not real. Sometimes gaydar returns a false positive, but Freddie was at "11" so there's no mistaking. Unless you're his bandmate who's known him for years and sees him for weeks at a time (straight men=clueless, amiright?).

But this isn't about Freddie (any more), this is about May. A fucking legend in rock guitar something something. I was never a huge Queen fan, but I totally love that lots of straight boys, just as clueless as May, LOVE Queen. They fucking LOVE QUEEN. So satisfying. Oh, yeah, and Rob Halford... yeah. Nice. Thanks again Irony!

Queen are in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, but I can't find even a hint at a Grammy nomination. Seriously, even as I feel some expertise on Grammys, I am often hard-pressed to defend them. Survivor WON a Grammy in the Rock category... just saying. In fact, aside from the R&R HoF induction, the only award-type thing I can find is the Anthony Asquith Award for Film Music for Flash Gordon (which is teh aweSUM).

Meanwhile, Brian May, rock legend, is now an astrophysicist. (Or someone has a Wikipedia editor account and a vivid imagination ((oooh, who can I make an astrophysicist tonight?))--here.) I'm sure his parents were relieved when he FINALLY gave up on that whole ridiculous rock band idea and he did something respectable. Now he's DOCTOR Brian May, PhD. And he's Chancellor of Liverpool John Moores University... I don't think any members of Survivor are doing as well, although one of them manages a nice new Olive Garden in Cherry Hill NJ, so there's that.

But, and I don't think I can stress this point enough, do you want your kids learning science from a man who, despite close proximity to Freddie Mercury for decades, did not know that Freddie was gay? "Let's look closer at this supernova"/"Sir, that's a Coke machine." Here's the title track from the their award-winning soundtrack to Flash Gordon.

Happy Birthday dude! Rock on! Or, perhaps, teach (your parents must be proud).

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