Sunday, June 20, 2010

For Your Emmy Rejection: Lead Actor, Actress in a Comedy Series

Okay, we've touched on a few folks that I like and don't want overlooked. Some of them are probably easily on their way to a nominations, others not so easy.

But I've looked at the list of the 27 men submitted as Lead Actor, and the 26 women submitted as Lead Actress. This post is about rejecting, unequivocally, the idea that these performers deserve recognition for these roles for this season.

I'm not saying they are bad people, just that this combination of actor, writing and show = suck. Try again next year, perhaps in a different show.

Brad Garrett, 'Til Death--It pains me to run into new episodes when I am hoping for reruns of The Simpsons. Garrett is painfully unfunny in a pathetic show that was given a longer run than Arrested Development. Figure that one out.
Joely Fisher, 'Til Death--Ditto.

Jay Mohr, Gary Unmarried--I actually like Mohr. In fact, Action is an all-time favorite show, which is why I ever even watched this show. The fact that its second season has an entirely different premise than its first season is a true testament to how awful the show is. Mohr is wasted on a wacky family sitcom.
Paula Marshall, Gary Unmarried--I don't recall seeing her in any other shows (despite a variety of credits on shows I watched), but based on her work here, Paula Marshall is an awful actress.

Charlie Sheen, Two and a Half Men--He gets by okay thanks to some funny dialog, but if you watch objectively his range goes from A to B. Actually, not even that much. It's a show filled with really funny dialog and barely much else. Thanks to America's inertia when it comes to television, it's the highest rated comedy on TV, and Sheen the highest paid actor. And he's so fucking mediocre, when he's at his best, that I'm amazed. So Emmy voters, let him cash his really large checks, and toss some Emmy love over to Warburton or Joel McHale).

Thomas Jane, Hung--I thought comedies were supposed to be funny. And while I like Jane as an actor (wait, while I have liked Jane in the past), there's nothing about his work in Hung that is at all worth recognition. Since it's on HBO, he's probably a shoe-in. But listen to me, this is a show about a man with a large penis, starring an actor that I have, in the past, considered quite hot, and yet I find it so awful that I don't even watch it. If you at all understand how my mind works, I am telling you this show is bad. I watch Silent Library for fuck sake.

Larry David, Curb Your Enthusiasm--I will catch some shit for this, but hear me out. Shouting really funny dialog is not acting. Nominate the show as Best Comedy Series, nominate him for writing. But in the acting category, please, no.

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