Saturday, May 15, 2010

Flashback song: "Alfie"

I was talking to my mom this afternoon, and we got on the subject of iconic songs from movies (The Days of Wine and Roses is on TCM tonight) and she talked about how Cher did the version of "Alfie" that appears in the movie (Alfie). Which I've never seen, so I didn't know. It lost the Original Song Oscar to "Born Free" in case you're wondering.

So let's start with Cher's version, produced by Sonny Bono, used in the American release of the film.

George Martin produced Cilla Black's version of the song, which was used in the UK release of the film.

I can't embed the Ella Fitzgerald version but it's worth listening to, so click here.

Here's co-writer Burt Bacharach taking a turn with it.

It's been covered by folks from Barbra Streisand to Midge Ure (couldn't find his version) to Olivia Newton John to Stan Getz. The iconic version by Dione Warwick came a year after the movie, and was the biggest charting version of the song (although both Cher and Cilla Black charted with their respective versions), so that's the version I will leave you with.

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