Sunday, April 11, 2010

Quote of the day

"If that's the choice in 2012, I'll take a TV personality over a community organizer any day"--Sen. David Vitter (R, LA)...
If you don't recognize the name, Vitter is the "family values" Senator who was a client of "DC Madam" Deborah Jeane Palfrey (and possibly a New Orleans-based madam), and has a sexual fetish that involves him wearing diapers. I don't begrudge anyone a sexual fetish like that, since it doesn't harm anyone, but I do have a problem with fucking hypocrites like Vitter who have this pretense of purity while actually being the kinkiest fucks on the planet.

And since irony is the most powerful force in the universe, I'll point out that during Bill Clinton's impeachment, Vitter's wife remarked that is she were in Hillary's place, she'd be more Lorena Bobbitt and less Tammy Wynette. But when she actually ended up in Hillary's place, it turns out she did the exact same fucking thing.

But this isn't about that hypocrisy either.

This is about Vitter's quote at the top. He will take a TV personality over a community organizer any day.

So David Vitter would rather have Kendra (from Kendra, previously from The Girls Next Door) then Jesus Christ?

Someone should ask him why.

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