Friday, February 12, 2010

The machine that goes BING!

So Clark is in the hospital. He had a severe reaction (possibly allergic), broke out in hives all over his body in a matter of a few minutes and was having problems breathing.
Naturally he waited about an hour before he decided to seek medical attention (he is not one prone to drama, and I'm pretty sure the only reason he actually went is to avoid pissing me off by dying in the house and then not cleaning up the mess... he does know me pretty well).

Here are his vitals from his time in the E.R.

I listened to a variety of medical professionals ask him some questions over and over, but it seemed really weird that someone would ask him if he feels safe at home WHILE I WAS IN THE ROOM. Sheesh. Also, he paused, so I will have to beat him for that.

Seriously, medical professionals, when you're asking a question like that, have all visitors out of the room. Because if someone really doesn't feel safe at home, they may not admit it in front of others. Certainly not someone like me who will mock them endlessly over it (kidding ((totally not kidding))).

He gets to have a slumber party in ICU tonight. For reactions like these, where they don't know the cause, they like to keep the patient under observation for a night in case it recurs. And apparently things were really quiet there this evening, because dude got into a bed in the ER in under 20 minutes, and they had a bed arranged for him in ICU before his first hour was up.

I'm hoping he gets well soon as he has organized my stuff and I don't know where any of it is. And the dogs like him.

They are building something really big at that hospital so if you are going to visit him, park right by the emergency entrance after 8:30 p.m. or you will have to walk way the fuck around the whole parking lot. I thought the walk would be about 1/3 of what it was (and then I had to walk all the way back inside, and then I got lost and doubled back twice, only to find him asleep), and then I got to retrace all those steps (less the double back stuff). The saddest part of all of that is, that is the most exercise I've had in months. Sigh.

Here's a picture of the big crane they are using for the new hospital extension.

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Erica said...

OMG... It took him 20 minutes to be seen in the ER? That's frightening... seriously. I had a sever allergic reaction a few years ago in Michigan. We went up to the ER and I walked in, signed my name and the nurse took one look at me and they RUSHED me to an ER room and a team of doctor's and nurse's began working on me. They didn't even do registration but waited until they were sure I was stable. 20 minutes is a long time to wait... of course if he waited and hour to be seen they might have figured 20 minutes more wouldn't hurt but still.