Saturday, August 8, 2009

Oh no no no...

Not really necessary Colton, sorry.

COLTON FORD "Losing My Religion"

Fantastic mash-up

Phoenix's "Lisztomania" with clips from Brat Pack movies (heavy on John Hughes). Sweet.

David Sirota on the whines of the wealthy

From Salon here.

Aug. 8, 2009 | I know I should be mortified by the lobbyist-organized mobs of angry Brooks Brothers mannequins who are now making headlines by shutting down congressional town hall meetings. I know I should be despondent during this, the Khaki Pants Offensive in the Great American Healthcare and Tax War. And yet, I'm euphorically repeating one word over and over again with a big grin on my face.


Finally, there's no pretense. Finally, the me-first, screw-everyone-else crowd's ugliest traits are there for all to behold.

The group's core gripe is summarized in a letter I received that denounces a proposed surtax on the wealthy and corporations to pay for universal healthcare:

"Until recently, my family was in the top 3 percent of wage earners," the affluent businessperson fumed in response to my July column on taxes. "We are in the group that pays close to 60 percent of this nation's taxes ... Think for a second how you would feel if you built a business and contributed more than your share to this country only to be treated like a pariah."

This sob story about the persecuted rich fuels today's "tea parties" -- and I'm sure you've heard some version of it in your community.

I'm also fairly certain that when many of you run into the me-first, screw-everyone-else crowd, you don't feel like confronting the faux outrage. But on the off chance you do muster the masochistic impulse to engage, here's a guide to navigating the conversation:

What they will scream: We can't raise business taxes, because American businesses already pay excessively high taxes!

What you should say: Here's the smallest violin in the world playing for the businesses. The Government Accountability Office reports that most U.S. corporations pay zero federal income tax. Additionally, as even the Bush Treasury Department admitted, America's effective corporate tax rate is the third lowest in the industrialized world.

What they will scream: But the rich still "pay close to 60 percent of this nation's taxes!"

What you should say: Such statistics refer only to the federal income tax. When considering all of "this nation's taxes" including payroll, state and local levies, the top 5 percent pay just 38.5 percent of the taxes.

What they will scream: But 38.5 percent is disproportionately high! See? You've proved that the rich "contribute more than their share" of taxes!

What you should say: Actually, they are paying almost exactly "their share." According to the data, the wealthiest 5 percent of America pays 38.5 percent of the total taxes precisely because they make just about that share -- a whopping 36.5 percent! -- of total national income. Asking these folks to pay slightly more in taxes -- and still less than they did during the go-go 1990s -- is hardly extreme.

Stripped of facts, your conversation partner will soon turn to unscientific terrain, claiming it is immoral to "steal" and "redistribute" income via taxes. Of course, he will be specifically railing on "stealing" for stuff like healthcare, which he insists gets "redistributed" only to the undeserving and the "lazy" (a classic code word for "minorities"). But he will also say it’s OK that government sent trillions of dollars to Wall Streeters.

And that's when you should stop wasting your breath.

What you've discovered is that the me-first, screw-everyone-else crowd isn't interested in fairness, empiricism or morality.

With 22,000 of their fellow countrymen dying annually for lack of health insurance and with Warren Buffett paying a lower effective tax rate than his secretary, the me-first, screw-everyone-else crowd is merely using the argot of fairness, empiricism and morality to hide its real motive: selfish greed.

No argument, however rational, is going to cure these narcissists of that grotesque disease.

© 2009

A quick update

I realize now that it's possible for Sarah Palin to be BOTH lying AND dumb.

I correct myself. Sorry, y'all.

Sarah Palin is lying or is dumb

I mean, we KNOW she's dumb (here she celebrates Michelle Bachmann, so you know, it's pretty obvious).

But in suggesting that, if healthcare reform goes through, her "son" Trig (I'm actually convinced he's Bristol's kid, and am waiting on HER TO PRODUCE THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE TO MAKE ALL THIS GO AWAY) would have to face a "death panel."

Which is bullshit.

End of life planning has long been part of American healthcare. This is about helping people prepare living wills.

So either she is too stupid to understand that, in which case she owes it to the millions of stupid Americans who seem to trust her opinions to become better informed on the topic. She has extra time now.

Or, she is being disingenuous (my polite way of calling her a total fucking liar) in which case she needs to apologize and go away.

Either one works for me.

Vote for Baxter


Matt Taibbi on Goldman Sachs

Well worth reading, here.

Happy birthday The Edge

Today: Camp Starlight donations!

I've been picking up some fantastic donations this week, including an amazing load today (thanks Vaishali, thanks Terry, thanks Kathryn!). My Pathfinder is packed.

If you can make a small cash donation, please do so here.

Flashback song: "Superman"

The Kinks from 1979.

Song of the day "Celebration"

Hey look, it's Esther!

Happy birthday Keith Carradine

Happy birthday Dustin Hoffman

Friday, August 7, 2009

Love this!

Just listen to Hillary's reaction when Fareed Zakaria mentions the name John Bolton.

Here's Jenny Sanford moving out

She's taking the good wicker basket from Pier One, so this is some serious shit.

You go girl! Kick Mark's ass to the curb. Or to Buenos Aires.

Also he needs to resign (and need I add "hypocrite" to be complete?)...

Dan Savage on Obama

He makes some great points..

"Have you ever been introduced to someone with whom you’d had a torrid one-night stand and he acted like he didn’t know you? 'Don’t know me?' you’re tempted to say in a loud voice. 'Honey, you ate my ass.'

Could Barack Obama be that one-night stand?"

Editorial here.

"Robert Pattinson" hates Shark Week

A wonderful eulogy for John Hughes

Amazing and sweet and sentimental. Read it all here.

But definitely read it.

Earl Blumenauer holding telephone town hall meetings

The full letter is here.

The important part is:

I am holding TWO Telephone Town Halls next week so that we can discuss what reform means for you and your family. I hope you will join either event on:

- Tuesday, August 11th from 6-7pm
- Friday, August 14th from 1-2pm

If you live in Earl's district (and the best people do), here's the link to the sign-up form.

Mel Martinez resigning from Senate early

Martinez (R-FL) already announced he wouldn't run in 2010, but he's announcing a decision to leave early (in fact, not to return after the August recess).

Charlie Crist is in an awkward position of appointing someone to fill the seat the he is planning to run for in a few months.

Here is my short list of suggestions:

- My mother (she needs the health care coverage)
- My dad (he's a veteran and conservative Christian, so would cover the Republican base nicely)
- Katherine Harris (because we can't have enough crazy in DC)
- My uncle Pat (because that would be fucking awesome!)

More as they come to me...

I like Jenny Sanford

"I have decided to move back to our home in Charleston with our sons for the upcoming school year,"--Jenny Sanford

“...I will remain engaged in activities in my role as First Lady, acknowledging that my responsibilities to my family come first.”

She seems to be doing what's right. If only her husband, the cheater/hypocrite Mark Sanford, would do the same. Step 1) resign (it's what you've asked of others in your situation); step 2) I don't fucking care. Lather/rinse/repeat. Just get through step 1.

Ending the Denver "breed ban" on Pit Bulls

An important preface to this note. The city of Denver has killed more than 2,000 dogs in their quest to keep Pit Bulls out of the city. These dogs were, largely, legally registered family pets. Those were the easiest to round up--they had their license information and could pull them up. Nothing like these actions to make the militia crazies stock up on (unregistered) guns. So hooray for Denver.

A note from a friend in Denver who's trying to overturn the breed ban. And no, NOT a pro dog fighter... luckily, I don't know anyone that colorful. Nope, just a dumb old dog lover who seems to think injustice and stupidity are wrong. One of those...

First of all, Denver residents need to write to and meet with their city council members if you are not in favor of this awful breed ban. If you don't know who your city council members are, click on the link below to find your Denver city council district. Once you click the link, type in your address and the map will show you what your district is and who your council member is.

Click here for map.

Please know that in addition to your district's council member, there are two "at-large" council member who cover the whole city. They should be considered to be your council members as well as your district's own council member. They are Doug Linkhart and Carol Boigon. All of their addresses are below as well as other city officials. Also, a reliable source says that city council is not taking seriously any e-mails from outside the area. If you are a Denver resident, make sure to put something about being a Denver resident in the subject line. That does not mean non-Denver residents should not be writing, but just that we want to highlight a Denver resident e-mail.

Attached, I want you to see what Denver city representatives have been saying about you anti-BSLers. Attached is a letter from a few years ago that an assistant city attorney sent to out-of-state cities to try to get them to enact their own breed bans. He describes how he lurks on various group sites to see who is thinking of a ban and then sends them this unsolicited letter. I think it's especially amazing how he can do this during city time and on city letterhead.

This letter was one we got from a small town in Kentucky that was talking about updating their dog ordinance. They'd never heard of this Denver city employee before. Note how he alludes to any group that doesn't support breed bans as being funded by dog fighters. As if dog fighters--who are already committing felonies--care one bit about a breed ban. My guess would be that he knows this, too, but wants to taint us all with the heinous stain of dog fighting. As if!

Note, too, what he says about all animal control organizations. There is just too much ridiculousness in this letter to point it all out, so read for your self. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO POST THE ATTACHED LETTER ON ANY OF YOUR WEB SITES, OR SEND OUT TO YOUR NEWS GROUPS, OR WRITE IT IN THE SKY, WHATEVER, but do not post this actual e-mail. Add your own comments or note and post away!!!!!

Also, if any of you want to send a letter to the council members and Denver officials about what representatives have said about you, you can do so by using the addresses below. Please do not forward this e-mail to the officials, but write your own and use the attached letter. Thanks!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Note here:

Congratulations to Maria/Sonia Sotomayor

Here's a word cloud of the Family Research Council's official statement, expressing their disappointment that you've been approved.

Song of the day "The Great Defector"

Oh won't you tell us about those rabbits, George.

Irish band Bell X1.

Flashback song: "Academy Fight Song"

By Mission of Burma, 1982. Not sure who the twits in the video are... possibly Junior College students working on their Introduction to Video Editing project.

Here's a cover by r.e.m. from 1989 (the holiday single for their fan club).

The FBI, using an AOL email, makes urgent contact with me

It's a fantastic letter, but THIS is my favorite part:

"...if you are not a terrorist, then why did you not receive the money directly into your account..."

I don't know. Maybe I am a terrorist and don't realize it. Fuck that's upsetting news so early in the morning.

Anti-Terrorist and Monetary Crimes Division
Fbi Headquarters In Washington, D.C.
Federal Bureau Of Investigation
J. Edgar Hoover Building
935 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Washington, D.C. 20535-0001


This is an official advice from the fbi foreign Remittance / telegraphic dept.,it has come to our notice that the C.B.N Bank Nigeria district has released 10,500,000.00 US dollars into Bank of America in your name as the beneficiary, by inheritance means. The C.B.N Bank Nigeria knowing fully well that they do not have Enough facilities to effect this payment from the united kingdom to your account, used what we know as a secret diplomatic transit payment (s.t.d.p) to pay this fund through wire transfer, they used this means to complete the payment.

They are still, waiting for confirmation from you on the already Transferred funds which were made in direct transfer so that they can do final crediting to your account. Secret diplomatic payments are not made unless the funds are related to terrorist activities why must your payment be made in secret transfer, if your transaction is legitimate, if you are not a terrorist, then why did you not receive the money directly into your account; this is a pure coded, means of payment?
Records which we have had with this method of payment in the past Has always been related to terrorist acts, we do not want you to get into trouble as soon as these funds reflect in your account in the U.S.A, so it is our duty as a world wide commission to correct this little problem before this fund will be credited into your personal account.

Due to the increased difficulty and unnecessary security by the American authorities when funds come from outside of Europe, and the Middle East, the f.b.i bank commission for Europe has stopped the transfer on its way to deliver payment of 10,500,000.00 to debit your reserve account and pay you through a secured diplomatic transit account (s.d.t.a). We govern and oversee funds transfer for the World Bank and the rest of the world.

We advice you contact us immediately, as the funds have been Stopped and are being held in our custody, until you can be able to provide us with a diplomatic immunity seal of transfer (dist) within 3 days from the world local bank that authorize the transfer from where the funds was transferred from to certify that the funds that you are about to receive from Nigeria are antiterrorist/drug free or we shall have cause to cross and impound the Payment, we shall release the funds immediately we receive this legal documents.

We have decided to contact you directly to acquire the proper Verifications and proof from you to show that you are the rightful person to receive this fund,because of the amount involve, we want to make sure is a clean and legal money you are about to receive. Be informed that the fund are now in United State in your name, but right now we have ask the bank not to release the fund to anybody that comes to them, unless we ask them to do so, because we have to carry out our investigations first before releasing the fund to you. Note that the fund is in the BANK OF AMERICA right now, but we have ask them not to credit the fund to you yet, because we need a solid proof and Verifications from you before releasing the funds.

So to this regards you are to re-assure and proof to us that what you are about to receive is a clean money by sending to us FBI Identification Record and also Diplomatic Immunity Seal Of Transfer(DIST) to satisfy to us that the money your about to receive is legitimate and real money. You are to forward the documents to us immediately if you have it in your possession, if you don't have it let us know so that we will direct and inform you where to obtain the document and send to us so that we will ask the bank holding the funds, the Bank Of America to go ahead Crediting your account immediately.

These Documents are to be issued to you from the World Local Bank that Authorized the transfer, so get back to us immediately if you don't have the document so that we will inform you the particular place to obtain the document in United Kingdom (U.K), because we have come to realize that the fund was Authorized by (H.S.B.C) Bank in London.

An FBI Identification Record and Diplomatic Immunity Seal Of Transfer (DIST) often referred to as a Criminal History Record or Rap Sheet, is a listing of certain information taken from fingerprint submissions retained by the FBI in connection with arrests and, in some instances, federal employment,naturalization, or military service.
These Condition Is Valid until 6th of AUGUST. 2009 after we shall take actions on Canceling the payment and then charge you for illegally moving funds out of Nigeria.
Guarantee: funds will be released on confirmation of the document.

Final Instruction;
1. Credit payment instruction: irrevocable credit guarantee.
2. Beneficiary has full power when validation is cleared.
3. Beneficiaries bank in U.S.A., can only release funds.
4. Upon confirmation from the world bank / united nations.
5. Bearers must clear bank protocol and validation request.

NOTE: We have asked for the above documents to make available the most complete and up-to date records possible for the enhancement of public safety, welfare and security of Society while recognizing the importance of individual privacy rights. If you fail to provide the Documents to us, we will charge you with the FBI and take our proper action against you for not proofing to us the legitimate of the fund you are about to receive.

The United States Department of Justice Order 556-73 establishes rules and regulations for the subject of an FBI Identification Record to obtain a copy of his or her own Record for review. The FBI Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) Division processes these requests to check illegal activities in U.S.A.

An individual may request a copy of his or her own FBI Identification Record for personal review or to challenge information on the Record. Other reasons an individual may request a copy of his or her own Identification Record may include international adoption or to satisfy a requirement to live or work in a foreign country or receive funds from another country, i.e. Diplomatic Immunity Seal of Transfer, letter of good conduct, criminal history Background, etc.)

FBI Director

Robert Mueller, III

Remix of Orly Taitz

It's rare that I wish a remix was longer. This is actually really generous to her.

Oh snap of the day

On Sonia Sotomayor: John McCain, who voted against Judge Sotomayor, saying her "excellent resume and inspiring story" was not enough to qualify her for the Supreme Court.

Jon Stewart, on the Daily Show: "An excellent resume and an inspiring story were your ENTIRE CAMPAIGN for President!"

Happy birthday Charlize Theron

Happy birthday David Duchovny

Thursday, August 6, 2009

What's the point of the private option?

The material below is copied from this DailyKos diary (here). I'm really aggravated by the misinformation and obfuscation of the core issues on healthcare reform. I'd prefer a single payer system, but lacking that, it's critical to have a public option available to everyone.

To everyone.

Right now insurance companies profit by denying benefits and dropping coverage.

They profit by denying benefits. They profit by dropping sick people.

And all the crazies showing up at town hall meetings and screaming are just pissing me off.

So this letter needs to be shared as much as possible.

Reprinted without permission, but because I think it's important.

Date: Sat, 25 Jul 2009 23:58:49 -0700
From: Jennie Dusheck
Subject: Re: "What's the point of a public option?"

On June 5th, you blogged:

It seems to me that this passage, like most discussion of the issue, leaves out the answer to the key question: Would the public plan have access to taxpayer funds unavailable to private plans?
If the answer is yes, then the public plan would not offer honest competition to private plans.

Dear Professor Mankiw,
Given your assumptions, your logic is unassailable. But not everyone considers honest competition among health insurers the key question, or even a key question. Some people consider universal coverage, reasonable cost, and genuine pooling of risk (as opposed to excluding those most likely to need care) to be the key health insurance issues facing us. How much longer must millions of Americans go without health care?

We don't cringe at the idea of pooling risk for things like public education, fire protection or national defense. Nobody says these systems are perfect, but they help more people than Honest Competition. Honest Competition is great for selling vacuum cleaners and other things we don't really have to have. It's not great for the welfare of the people. What if national defense only protected the states and industries least likely to be attacked in a war? What if we only educated kids who already knew how to read and write? What if fire departments only put out fires that were cheap to put out and announced that rescuing people from burning houses was too dangerous and expensive?

But I'm biased. My own health insurance went up 37% this month, 400% in the last 5 years. The premium alone took up half my income last year. AND I don't have any real choice of doctors. I literally cannot pay this new bill in any sustainable way. Maybe another month or two. But then what? So this week, I am contemplating joining the ranks of the millions of uninsured Americans. This is the bitter harvest of Honest Competition.

I didn't bring this on myself; I don't abuse alcohol and don't smoke. I eat properly, exercise regularly. I've had low blood pressure and low cholesterol all my life. I don't have diabetes, cancer or heart disease. I don't need an organ transplant. I go to the doctor only when I absolutely must and I do what they recommend and don't beg for needless procedures. But in 2004, I broke my back when an airport shuttle bus driver shut his doors on me, as I was on my way to a stem cell conference. In a mere moment, I became uninsurable if I ever leave my current HMO--and they clearly would like for me to leave.

I've paid back my HMO for the surgery I had in 2004. I have paid easily half a million dollars in federal taxes in my life (nothing like what you've paid, I'm sure). Surely basic medical coverage for every American, including even me, is more important than ensuring a fair game for a collection of corporations that are not even living entities (even if they like to play at being persons). Honest Competition is for basketball games, not health care. A decade ago, HMOs had so much surplus cash that Wall Street was betting on where the HMOs would put it. An amusing and potentially lucrative game if you had a chance of winning. I hope you'll consider taking this problem more seriously than you seemed to in your blog. It's not a game for a lot of us.

All the best,
Jennie Dusheck
Science Writing & Editing
(and college textbook author)
Santa Cruz, CA

To complete the set, here's Willy

Gracie demonstrates the squiggle

When she's excited, she curls her body into a "C" shape. I call it the squiggle.

Here's the squiggle.

And here's Midge

Just another doggie glamor shot.


So I have been grouchy about the weather here. Really fucking hot last week.

Today, overcast and high of around 70 degrees.

It's soooo nice.

I will give up any more sunshine this summer to keep this temperature. The windows are wide open, and it gets chilly at night.


I can't believe I forgot to mention

Quincy Jones, whose funky cover of "Smackwater Jack" is half of today's Flashback Song... his middle name is Delight.



Quincy Delight Jones II.

Rock on with your funky self.

How do you know that your lawyer/dentist/real estate agent is a hack?

If, when submitting the "smoking gun" evidence in your high profile lawsuit against the President, the filing of the already-known-to-be-fake document is rejected for a number of simple, procedural grounds.

"Lacks proper notice; improper form and format; Counsel failed to identify her Cal. State Bar No.; description of motion conflicts or differs from that which counsel entered on Court's e-docket."

Orly Taitz can refile the bogus document, if she wants. But, fuck, including your bar number seems important. Maybe she gave them her real estate license number instead. That's got to be embarrassing...

Score a direct hit

John Hughes passed away today, at the age of 59. Sad. I'm not a fan of Home Alone, but I loved Sixteen Candles and The Breakfast Club. Here are some memories.

64 year ago today

An atomic bomb code named "little boy" was dropped on Hiroshima, Japan killing an estimated 70,000 people instantly, and another 70,000 from radiation poisoning over the following 5 years. More photos/details here.

Flashback song: "Smackwater Jack"

I was thinking I was overdue for having Carole King on here, and I wanted to get one of her lesser known songs. I figured "Smackwater Jack" would be good, and I'm delighted to find a cover. An EXCELLENT cover at that.

Here's Carole's version from the seminal Tapestry album.

And here's a funky-ass cover by Quincy Jones.

Song of the day: "For What It's Worth"

From Placebo. If you enjoy this song, you'd enjoy ANYTHING I post as song of the day, cause you're just that gullible.

Or I'm reading too much into the band's name.

Happy birthday Michelle Yeoh

Girl power indeed.

Happy birthday Geri Halliwell

I know it's not spam, because it says so

SUBJECT:Winning Notification (This is not Spam!!)

The National Lottery
P O Box 1010
Liverpool, L70 1NL
(Customer Services)

Ref: UK/8907/4Z54/98
Batch: 1004/813/GRT4473


We happily announce to you the draw (#1398) of the UK NATIONAL LOTTERY, online Lotto International program. It is yet to be claimed and you are getting the final NOTIFICATION as regards this, as your winning prize will expire soon.

Your e-mail address attached to ticket number: 874501235 with Serial number 1398 drew the lucky numbers: 1,5,9,27,42,45 (Bonus no 21), which subsequently won you the lottery in the Jackpot category.

You have therefore been approved to claim a total sum of £1,316,462,000.00 (One Million, Three Hundred and Sixteen Thousand, Four Hundred and Sixty Two pounds sterling) credited to file No NLUK/66/76713/77/09. This is from
a total cash prize of £14,374,330.00 shared amongst all lucky winners in this category i.e. draw 1398 of 16th May, 2009.

All participants for the online version were selected randomly from World Wide Web sites (www) and email addresses through Microsoft verified computer draw system and extracted from over 100,000,000 personal email addresses, fax numbers, unions, associations, and corporate bodies that are listed online.

Please note that your lucky winning number falls within Croydon city area as indicated in your online automated play coupon. In view of this, your winnings of £1,316,462,000.00 (One Million, Three Hundred and Sixteen Thousand, Four Hundred and Sixty Two pounds sterling) will be released to you by any of our payment office in Europe.

We shall immediately commence the process to facilitate the release of your winnings as soon as we hear from you. For security reasons, you are advised to keep your winning information confidential till your claim is processed and your winnings paid to you. This is part of our precautionary measure to avoid double claiming and unwarranted abuse of this program. Please be warned.

To file for your claim, please contact our fiduciary agent by reply email or telephone:

Tel: 44 703 597 1711
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You are to contact our fiduciary agent immediately by email or telephone with your complete details including your names, winning numbers, telephone and fax numbers.

You can go to our online result site to confirm the value of your winnings and also get a prize breakdown: -

Congratulations from me and members of staff of THE NATIONAL LOTTERY.

Yours faithfully,
Linda Ellis (Mrs)
Online coordinator for THE NATIONAL LOTTERY
Automated Sweepstakes International Program.

You can log in directly to your account by visiting:
If you have forgotten your Password, please visit, enter your security details and choose a new password.

Kind Regards,

Interactive Customer Care Team

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Quote of the day

"That's ancient history."--Joel Sawyer, newly resigned spokesman for Mark Sanford, cheater/Governor of SC

Sawyer was trying to explain why, despite the fact that Sanford wanted Bill Clinton out of office, in large part because he broke the vows of his marriage, the rules shouldn't apply to his buddy Mark Sanford.

Also cheating was wrong in the 90s but c'mon, it's 2009.

It's okay if WE do it... not when y'all do it.

(Pssst, Jesus is watching you Mark.)

Get YOUR official Kenyan birth certificate

Available here.

I sent Orly Taitz an email

I'll let you know how it goes...

Do you have examples of Hawaiian birth certificates

of someone you know to have been born outside the US that look like Obama's. That is, someone who will verify themselves as having been born outside the US but for whom the state of Hawaii has issued a certficate identical to Obamas? This should be easy for you to get, and will help make your point that the certificate could have been issued for someone born outside the US.

Also, do you have an example of a certificate from someone you know to have been born in Hawaii that differs from Obama's? That would help make your point that his "short form" is somehow deficient from what Hawaii typically issues?

Where are these two examples please?

Orly Taitz is fucking crazy

From her website:

NOTE: Senator Obama was the Rep. for the zip code 60606, so does that make him a Hoax? or "the Antichrist"?

So let's assume zip code 60606 has 10,000 people living there. And just because Obama was a representative of that zip code, doesn't mean he lived there. *HE* would be the Antichrist? Not any of the other thousands of residents?

And not zip code 60666. Or 70666. Or 76660. Or 96661?

What the fucking fuck?

Okay, so here's the deal. If you want us to believe that the Hawaiian birth certificate doesn't prove he was born in the United States, please produce a Hawaiian birth certificate of someone born outside the US that looks like his. Period. Also get me a Hawaiian birth certificate from someone you believe was born IN Hawaii and show me how it differs from his documentation.

Those 2 pieces of documentation will be far more compelling than the Kenyan forgery you're hiding behind.

The lying liars of the astroturf anti-Healthcare Reform movement

The Word - Hippie Replacement
The Colbert ReportMon - Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c
Colbert Report Full EpisodesPolitical HumorTasers

Flashback song: "Wonderful Shadow"

Tanita Tikaram worked with composer Thomas Newman on her fifth album, and it brought a certain elegance to her music. In my opinion. I'm not suggesting that her earlier work was unsophisticated, but I think the collaboration with Newman just worked really well.

Newman (cousin of Randy) has been nominated for 10 Academy Awards, but he keeps losing, so really he sucks. His work alternates between traditional orchestration (The Shawshank Redemption, The Road to Perdition) and ethereal/experimental (American Beauty, WALL-E). The opening theme for Six Feet Under is a great example of how well he sets a mood.

Here's the best of their collaboration Lovers in the City from 1995.

Song of the day "The Reeling"

By Passion Pit.

Happy birthday Pat Smear

Happy birthday MCA

Get well soon.

Happy birthday Pete Burns

Please stop with the plastic surgery.


Chuck Grassley is teh stupid

The esteemed idiot from Iowa mixes metaphors and myths and makes a huge fucking mess of it, all while wasting everyone's time in the Senate. Aren't people in Iowa embarrassed by this guy?

Where was the Debt & Deficit Dragon when Bush wanted tax cuts during 2 wars?

Chuck Grassley's Debt and Deficit Dragon
The Daily Show With Jon StewartMon - Thurs 11p / 10c
Daily Show
Full Episodes
Political HumorSpinal Tap Performance

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Another day, another inheritance

3rd August 2009 Claim Will, Mrs Janet Brown .....Reply With { } ..

I was diagnosed for cancer for about few weeks ago. I have been touched by God to donate from what I have inherited from my late husband to you for the good work of God/needy, I decided to WILL/donate the sum of $10 MILLION USD to you. Contact my Physican Dr Steve Astyl with this, specified email; { },Tel; +44 70457 87160 ,for the funds release,my personal ref number law/WILL/9834520012. I will appreciate your utmost confidentiality in this matter until the task is accomplished as I don't want anything that will jeopardize my last wish. Regards, Mrs Janet Brown

Quote of the day

"If you like the Post Office and the Department of Motor Vehicles and you think they're run well, just wait till you see Medicare, Medicaid and health care done by the government."--Arthur Laffer, discredited economist

A quick note to Mr. Laffer, whose "Laffer curve" is the theory behind supply-side economics (and has been widely discredited, although personally I think it is proof that America's income taxes need to be raised considerably): Medicare is a government-run program; Medicaid is as well. In fact, there's also a huge government-run health insurance program that covers Federal employees. They are every bit as satisfied with their insurance as I am with my Blue Cross of Michigan.

And the Post Office gets a piece of mail from my office in Portland, OR to my grandmother's house in Ormond Beach, FL in like 2 days (with a first class stamp, if I catch the pick up time right). What's your problem with the Post Office? Waiting in a line? Yeah, you NEVER have to wait at a doctor's office.

Do you think a privatized DMV would be more efficient?

Flashback song: "Search and Destroy"

Let's make it a day of double Iggy, with The Stooges' seminal "Search and Destroy" as our flashback song. It's from 1973. Dude, Nixon was President. Spiro Agnew was VP (for a while--it's the year Ford became VP). Most people hadn't even heard of Jimmy Carter. We were fighting in Vietnam.

That's how old this song is.

Jump ahead to 1992, the season of the Bush vs. Clinton vs. Perot (remember him) Presidential campaign and Right Said Fred and The Spice Girls ruled the pop music world. Which is how EMF was able to sneak this cover out:

So this year, Peaches put a cover on the War Child charity album. It's pretty fucking sweet if you ask me.

Song of the day "I Hate People"

Okay, this might be my song of the year, by tapping into my core belief system.

Jemina Pearl from Be Your Own Pet, with rock god Iggy Pop.

Happy birthday Lauren Tom

Monday, August 3, 2009

Notes on Step Brothers

The exuberance of the stupidity had me charmed from the first few minutes. Can't wait to see what those guys do next.

And hooray for Mary Steenburgen. Who really isn't old enough to be Will Farrell's mom. But happy to see her on screen.

In case you missed it (I did)

The funeral for Corazon Aquino, the former President of the Philippines was held today. She died last week after her battle with cancer.

Salon recaps her role in history nicely:

"Her 1986 'people power' demonstration, which forced the corrupt Ferdinand Marcos to concede, has served as inspiration for peaceful resistance movements the world over. Reuters describes her as "a soft-spoken, unglamorous, motherly figure" who managed to topple a dictator 'without any bloodshed.'"

Happy birthday Sarah Haskins

Nothing I can say will do this justice

Just watch.

Flashback song: "They Don't Know"

The original, written and performed by the brilliant Kirsty MacColl, who died in a terrible accident in 2000.

And the famous version, by the brilliant Tracey Ullman.

If you are unemployed right now...'s because you're lazy.

Not because we're in a crippled economy with no actual jobs to get.

Per Michelle Malkin, who's totally bat-shit crazy. But thought you should know what she thinks of you. More here.

So here's my advice: quit being lazy and you'll be fine.

Song of the day "Wrong"

Here's Depeche Mode in the studio (allegedly--I mean, I see them in the studio, I just am not sure the audio is actually "live").

This event is called Abstinence Works

Which doesn't explain why Mississippi, the state paying tax dollars to sponsor this event, has the highest teen pregnancy rate.

Unless, maybe, abstinence doesn't work that well.

Realistic sex education works to prevent unwanted teen pregnancies. If that's your goal, try making the change.

God and Abstinence from Stuart Productions on Vimeo.

Happy birthday Martin Sheen

Happy birthday Spinderella

The 1/3 of Salt-n-Pepa that no one seems to remember.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Quote of the day

“Medicare has never done anything to make people more healthy.”--Rep. Roy Blount (R-MO)

So for philosophical integrity, Congressman Blount, you should TOTALLY introduce legislation to end Medicare.

If the program doesn't work, for fuck's sake, end it. Please.

We're waiting.

Song of the day "Love Etc."

From the Pet Shop Boys.

Happy birthday Mary-Louise Parker