Friday, July 10, 2009

Once again, Howard Dean is right!

"The bottom line on healthcare reform is that it is not worth doing if it is not done right....

Subsidizing Americans to buy private health insurance without giving them the choice of a more rational and less expensive system is simply pouring money into a system that increases costs at twice the rate of inflation, serves preferentially those who don't need help, and offers not peace of mind to those at risk in difficult economic times.

In short, the healthcare reform bill is not worth passing unless the American people have the choice of signing up for a public option--a real public option.... If healthcare reform is not the desired outcome, this administration or the Democratic Party or the Congress as a whole should pass guaranteed issue and community rating and be done with it."--Howard Dean

From his new book Howard Dean's Prescription for Real Healthcare Reform (by Howard Dean). Kos diary on it is interesting here.

Song of the day: "Ghetto Love"


Flashback song: "The Weight"

The Band, 1970. I like that there are no covers to include (various live versions, but we haven't seen Matchbox 20 or 3 Doors Down try to make it "theirs").

Happy birthday Chiwetel Ejiofor

Clip and quote from his fantastic performance in Kinky Boots, but he's so much more. If you don't know the name, pay attention.

"*Red*! Is the color of sex! Burgundy is the color of hot water bottles! Red is the color of sex and fear and danger and signs that say, Do. Not. Enter. All my favorite things in life." -- Lola/Kinky Boots

Happy birthday Neil Tennant

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Promise Breakers

Funny. From here.

Happy birthday Brian Dennehy

Happy birthday Chris Cooper

Happy birthday Tom Hanks

Happy birthday Jack White

Happy birthday Marc Almond

Flashback song: "I Couldn't Say No"

Robert Ellis Orrall and Carlene Carter... 1981. This is 94Q in the mornings with Gary McKee and Willis the Guard.

Song of the day: "Cannibal Queen"

Miniature Tigers

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

State of Mass. challenges DOMA

Salon has details here:

"On Wednesday, the state of Massachusetts filed suit against the federal government, saying DOMA unconstitutionally takes on what was traditionally a state power in regulating marriage, and that it discriminates against same-sex couples."

This differs from an earlier challenge to DOMA, which tackles the issue of equal protection. That suit is against the Governor, Attorney General and other officials of the State of California, filed in Federal Court. The ruling that upheld Prop 8 a few weeks ago was from the California State Supreme Court, which merely validated that the proposition met all the election guidelines required to amend that state constitution. This challenge asserts that by creating 2 classes of Californians, heterosexuals who can legally marry, and homosexuals who cannot, the proposition violates the Federal Constitution's Equal Protection Clause.

Marion Barry, moral leader

Yeah, him.

Details of this month's flavor of his crazy is here.

I think the quote says plenty, myself.

Negroes? In a pool? Why I never...

African-American kids were turned away from a private swim club after concerns that they might alter the "complexion" of the club.


"There was concern that a lot of kids would change the complexion … and the atmosphere of the club," John Duesler, President of The Valley Swim Club said in a statement.

Details here.

Flashback song: "Mean to Me"

Can't get enough non-"Don't Dream It's Over" Crowded House in your life! From their 1986 debut (as Crowded House).

Song of the day: "Snow Days"

By matt pond PA--it's a couple years old, but I just found this home video of dogs in snow and wanted to share.

Arnie: "As far as I know, the kid is not my son"

Doctor on the Paternity of Jackson's Kids

Shared via AddThis

Happy birthday Steve Lawrence

Happy birthday Joan Osborne

Happy birthday Kevin Bacon

Happy birthday Jeffrey Tambor

Happy birthday Anjelica Houston

Happy birthday Milo Ventimiglia

Happy birthday Beck

I am so glad you weren't a one-hit wonder!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Happy birthday Doc Severinsen

Every Alaskan: a potential quitter

Quote of the day

"At a certain point, the memorial matched Jackson's career: It started impressively but ended in ... just too much."

From Joan Walsh at (here).

Happy birthday Ringo Starr

Happy birthday Jim Gaffigan

Song of the day: "Daniel"

Bat for Lashes... sounds like someone, but I'm not sure who.

Underappreciated: Pat Benetar

And my week of attempting to appreciate the under-appreciated Pat Benetar concludes, not with her cover of "Seven Rooms of Gloom," but with "All Fired Up"--the last song of hers I remember charting (it went to #19 in the US in 1988).

Who can say what happened. Metal went strong for another 2 years, and she could certainly hang with the boys (hell, they could share spandex and eye liner). Had it been 1991 we could have blamed Kurt Cobain. Or Courtney Love.

You know what, it's never too early or too late to blame Courtney Love.

Here's "All Fired Up":

Flashback song: "Seven Rooms of Gloom"

The original, by the Four Tops, 1967:

And the, um, ambitious remake by Pat Benatar around 1986 (I think):

Monday, July 6, 2009

30 years ago

This was the pinnacle in personal music players! Great article about them here.

Song of the day: "Now We Can See"

By Portland band The Thermals.

Flashback song: "The Paris Match"

The version with Tracey Thorn's vocals:

And the version with Paul Weller's:

Underappreciated: Pat Benetar

Another Top 40 single for Pat, the video (couldn't embed so it's here) is an interesting mess. It was nominated for a slew of MTV Video Music Awards, mostly in "lesser" technical and creative categories; it didn't earn a nomination for Female Video, but was nominated for Most Experimental Video, Direction, Choreography, Special Effects, Art Direction, Editing, and Cinematography... wow, I didn't realize it was so many. Also the chick eating the hot dog is a dude! Hot tranny mess!

Actually the song is something of a mess too--it showcases her voice nicely, but the music itself seems dated. Too much drum machine, I think.

Happy birthday Geoffrey Rush

Happy birthday Kate Nash

Happy birthday Jennifer Saunders

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Flashback song: "Moons of Jupiter"

It's always a good time to relisten to Scruffy the Cat!

20 years goes by so quickly. A pleasant surprise of live stuff to download is here, btw.

Today in moral leadership

April 29, 2009: Marion Barry, a 4-time divorced ex-con tax-evading crack addict, declares himself a moral leader in the fight to prevent the District of Columbia from recognizing same sex marriages performed in other states.

July 4, 2009: Marion Barry is arrested. Again. Details here.
"WRC (Channel 4) broadcast a report last night saying that the matter possibly involved domestic harassment or stalking."

So rock on Marion Barry! Your moral leadership is really helping America! We salute you!

Song of the day: "The Lovers are Losing"


Underappreciated: Pat Benetar

With her 6th album, Tropico, Pat and husband/producer/musician Neil Giraldo started to experiment with styles outside traditional hard rock and this single "We Belong" impressed me with its rhythm section; it became a Billboard Hot 100 Top 5 single; and the video [official video here that is] shows how effectively fluorescent green gloves from Claire's Boutique can make any outfit pop.

Happy birthday Shirley Knight

In a trailer for Sweet Bird of Youth from 1962:

Happy birthday Edie Falco

Love the new series:

Happy birthday Katherine Helmond

Seen here in the Brazil trailer:

And from Soap: