Friday, January 23, 2009

This used to be a Long John Silver's

And now it's a Starbucks in Lilburn GA. It's been a long week for me. A long long week.

If you lived here, you'd be bored by now

I wanted to get a picture of the house I grew up in (from the end of 3rd grade through finishing college).

I was reminded of a Smiths song "I would rather not go; Back to the old house; There's too many; Bad memories; Too many memories; There ..."

I was reminded of a Pet Shop Boys song: "This Must be the Place I Waited Years to Leave."

But the reality is that while it was a mundane suburban life, I was a well cared for kid who never went without anything I needed. So middle class teen angst aside, the house looks really different in red.

"You can leave this house, leave this town"
Music: Dar Williams "Closer to Me"

Me and Jackie

I missed out on a chance to play Rock Band with her last night, but she came along to visit with Gracie, which was super nice of her. She has the US Constitution application on her iPhone and I think that is so cool.

More with Baxter

Can't get enough of a barking dog.

Me and my dead friend's mom

That's a seriously inadequate description for Gracie. She is one of the sweetest, most loving people I've ever met. She's a quirky Southern gal in the best sense. I've been fortunate to know her almost 30 years now, back when she used to work with our high school marching band.

She's the reason I took the trip to Atlanta. Guilt about not visiting her in 4 years. Now you know.

PS - I look dumpy. Guess the new year's resolutions will need to kick in next month.

More with the nephews

Christopher and Baxter.

My nephew and my "nephew"

Number 1 nephew Christopher does tricks with most recent "nephew" Baxter over at Jackie and Matt's.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The view from my afternoon commute (brrr)

There's something Escher-esque going on here.

On the bulletin board of the Atlanta office space is a photo of the bulletin board. That's the only thing on the bulletin board. Here's a picture of the bulletin board with just a picture of the bulletin board.

My apologies to anyone who is currently stoned.

How do you make a Vortex lunch even better?

Step 1. Good company. Got to shoot the shit with Michael R. Hoffman who I have known for almost 20 years now. Seriously I'm middle-aged. I don't remember what the "R" stands for except these days it's Ridiculously proud of his beautiful daughters (who I haven't been able to meet... eventually).
Step 2: Coat your tater tots with Bacon Salt. This shit it good.

Step 3: Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

Happy birthday John.

It was the 12th annual John's 29th birthday celebration. We went to a chain restaurant on Jimmy Carter Blvd. in Norcross.

Do any of you understand what that means for me?!

Deja view.

The view from my commute "home" to John's. Same church in the background. Similar line of cars. At the light someone asked me for directions to Lenox Square. I knew the right answer.

I think.

Maybe Lenox Road is no more... oops.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Shopping with Candice Bergen

Faye. Jack. Night light.

The delightful Faye.
Jack is playing as Darth Vader and pretty much has no time for distractions.
And Nightlight is the latest addition.

Driving up to Kim and John's

I made it in under an hour.

Not a good omen

Encountered this on my drive from downtown Atlanta to Alpharetta. Or, as I call it, Fucking Alpharetta. At 3:30 p.m. on a Monday.

My friend Ella (ella ella ella)

Here are pictures of my little friend Ella. Still life and in motion! Apologies to Henry that he missed out on the picture-taking fun, but he was having a rough night of it (TISSUE!).

Substituting for Henry will be Luna. Henry owes me a rain check when he's feeling better. (And those are Chad's feet.)