Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Happy birthday Laura

My second of 3 friend birthdays today, Laura and I also worked together years ago--in Dallas. She used to work in our Denton phone room, but eventually transferred to my floor. And then, in typical sitcom fashion I moved in upstairs from her. Hilarity ensued. And 14 years later, her cat is (was) still alive when I visited them back in January. (This is not her cat, but her, her daughter Charlotte and dog Boomer.)

As with Melanie, Laura's upgraded her cast to include husband David (vastly improved), and kids Charlotte and Henry (not as wacky as Daryl and Michael, but I guess they're working on their roles). I guess the location change, from Austin to Orlando, is an "upgrade" in as much as it allows me to visit when I'm in Florida seeing my parents. It's about an hour or 90-minute drive away from either parent, and gives me the necessary padding to throw my mom's mental tallying off so she won't know for sure if I've spent more time with her or my dad. They've only been divorced 22 or 23 years now, they are still working through some issues. But I'm sure they (Laura and David, NOT my parents) would rather be in Austin (I just wouldn't see them as much).

Thanks to friend Val we went to see Erasure in Fort Worth and had great seats. Like "see the zit on Andy Bell's ass" great. It was a good show.

Happy birthday dude! Rock on!

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