Thursday, December 3, 2009

Flashback song: "Blame It On Your Heart"

I reminded myself of why I like Patty Loveless, and it seemed like a good opportunity to share that. If you are going to make a video for a song you like as a fan, here are some tips:
  1. Learn the name of the song. This one is called "Blame It On Your Heart" not whatever they call it here.
  2. If you are going to use lots of pictures of red hearts, pick a different color for your letters. Red on red is not very visible.
  3. Whatever that font is, isn't working. Time New Roman is really boring, but with its serifs, it's actually really legible. There are some fonts optimized for online presentation. Ask around, but that curly-ass shit, avoid.
This is actually among my favorite dance songs of all-time, but you have to think of "two stepping" as dance to understand. It helps if you're at the Round-Up in Dallas.

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