Sunday, November 29, 2009

Notes on The Blind Side

I stopped by Target on my way home from the movies. If the check out girl hadn't said the name of the movie (there was a football game on and she was interested in the score, I told her I didn't know but I just left the Sandra Bullock football movie) I wouldn't have been able to tell you the movie title. Seriously.

So this isn't a movie review, these are notes to myself for Oscar nomination possibilities, but I'm going to start by focusing on the nomination they left on the table. Where was the fucking Original Song? Seriously, any fucking quasi-inspirational mid-tempo song and "you believing in me" or shit like that would have been a strong contender. They love that shit. I'm thinking Beyonce with Phil Collins, or possibly Sting. But any combination that spans genres and races would work. I got really excited about the Indigo Girls with Luther Vandross until I realized Luther was dead. Peabo Bryson will do just fine, but really it was a sad reminder. I miss Luther. Fat Luther. Skinny Luther always looked wrong to me.

Also, there were a couple of montages just begging for a lesser, up-tempo, second nominee. Think "Danger Zone" or "Maniac" to accompany montage scenes. I'm thinking Souljaboy, but I honestly have no idea what he (he?) actually sounds like. Still, it will work. If we want to make it a duet with Miley Cyrus, I won't fight you, but this one can just be a solo artist. We're pushing the mid-tempo one: Gloria Estefan and Tim McGraw? Why not, he's in the fucking movie. Gladys Knight and Tim?

Okay, so shit that's actually in the movie.

Sigh. So many movies and this was the one I worked up enthusiasm to see? Really? So here's the thing about Sandra Bullock--she's a fantastic movie star, but not really an actress. And while she gets to act a little here, it's very very little. In fact, I started to consider how little she challenges herself as an actress. It's sad that she seems to lack the courage that Cameron Diaz has. Bullock is fine in the movie, but she's "movie starring" in it, not so much acting. She's getting Oscar nomination buzz, but like that's the big prize for her, finally getting a nomination. In some ways I'm hoping she gets a Best Actress nomination as it means one fewer movie for me to see. But honestly, I don't even think it's a Daytime Emmy-worthy performance. It's People's Choice-y, you know, popularity stuff, just not "quality of acting" type stuff. Sorry Sandra.

Other possibilities? Soft chance for adapted screenplay, and let's say editing, although I can't help but think there's a crisp 87-minute cut of the movie out there somewhere. As a long shot, I'll toss in Quinton Aaron as Best Actor, but I just don't see it.

Tim McGraw is worth noting just because he's so comfortable and easy-going on screen. If there were more to the part I'd toss him in the Supporting Actor mix, but there's no way. But I'm looking forward to seeing him do something more. I guess he got some good reviews for Friday Night Lights, but I never saw it (I don't care about football).

Overall, the movie is a fine B- thing. It's warm and safe and you'll enjoy it the next time you're on a flight to or from Atlanta. But see Precious if you want to be genuinely moved.

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