Sunday, November 8, 2009

My reply to President Obama on last night's fund raising email

It's good that healthcare reform passed the House yesterday. And all you poor girls that get knocked up, well fuck you. Middle class and better off girls are the only ones who deserve access to safe abortion (which, by the way, I hope no one ever has to have because we get serious about sex education and contraception).

But anyway, President Obama, on behalf of the Democratic party sent me a little note asking me to donate money to help prevent a filibuster in the Senate. Which I would LOVE to see. I totally want to see these puffy middle-aged millionaires get up and bluster non-stop to prevent healthcare reform. These dudes won't know what the fuck to do. Yeah, I know they can go on, bet let's be serious, after 5 days? Bring on the filibuster! Bring on the filibuster! I will watch that shit on pay-per-view. Or figure out where C-SPAN is on my cable.

Back to the fundraiser. Yeah, this was my reply:
Sorry Mr. President. As a gay American I have got an awful lot on my plate right now, and there's just no time for me to make a donation to this particular cause right now. Maybe after DADT gets repealed.

Talk to you then?

Obama's got an awful lot on his plate too. That's why he can't possibly issue an executive order setting aside Don't Ask/Don't Tell until Congress has a chance to work up a bill. Why he couldn't possibly try to rally support for Marriage Equality in Maine (I know, we deserve separate but equal, thank you Washington, line up for the Colored fountains here).

By the way, I still don't understand how you can decide that the Justice Department (aka Department of Law to you Palin supporters) will no longer prosecute medical marijuana in states where it is legal, but is still illegal under Federal law without getting a bill on that from Congress? What the fuck? How are you able to do anything without a bill from Congress?

Anyway, you and Olympia Snowe enjoy your Sunday afternoon. I need to go figure out if there's an effective gay rights organization out there (cause HRC and BRO both=fail) to send some money to. Lot on my plate you know.

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