Thursday, November 12, 2009

Happy birthday Wallace Shawn

There are a few characters for pop culture that I associate myself with. As much as I fancy myself Batman, I'm way more Homer Simpson. A good bit of Ed from Shaun of the Dead (see it), and then there's Vizzini from The Princess Bride. He's a total "D" in the DiSC profile sense.

Wait, what was that about land wars in Asia?

"I don't think it means what you think it means" is also a good phrase to use in business meetings. Especially after words like "paradigm" and (shudder) "synergy."

Here's Shawn with Holly Hunter looking like shit. Girl, go see Arnie!

If you haven't seen the delightful My Dinner with Andre, it's fun. I have all the action figures and the deluxe booth that converts to a robot! Thanks eBay!

He's also Rex, the dinosaur in the fantastic Toy Story movies. Which I love.

Happy birthday dude, rock on!


Becky said...

I think Wallace Shawn should be the answer to all the ...guess who...questions. Remember, we used to say The Pope? Example: Guess who I ran into at Winco the other day?...Wallace Shawn?

on an unrelated note, in order to post this comment, i had to enter a code "word" is gyntake, awesome!

Kassie said...

I love that character from the Princess Bride, and good call, he's totally a "D" (although I'm going to argue that he's pretty high on "I" also, as the dude doesn't stop talking).
I might need to watch that movie again, in my near vegetative-weekend state. Good times.