Friday, November 13, 2009

Happy birthday Garry Marshall

I love him in front of the camera a lot more than I like him as a producer or director. Just listen to him, he's hysterical.

He played himself (more or less) on Murphy Brown. He played himself (more or less) in Soap Dish (you still haven't seen it?!).

He has the kind of career that lifetime achievement awards are created for: he's produced and directed a shitload of mediocrity. But there's something laudable about that. Happy Days? Meh. Laverne & Shirley? Meh. The Odd Couple (tv show)? Meh. Mork & Mindy? Double meh. Angie, Love American Style, Joanie Loves Chachi (and more)... taken all together it's impressive. Like walking into Walmart. Holy shit there's a lot here. And such cheap prices. No one needs to know where you got your socks. Or your salad dressing. Or your HDTV. "I've never heard of Ol' Roy TVs" you'll think to youself, "but $118 is a good price."

The man has been in tv and movies since they invented the technology. So far: 5 Emmy nominations, 0 wins. Allison Janney has 4 Emmys. Jeff Probst has 3. I'm just saying.

The downside to a career of such grand mediocrity is sometimes you're responsible for crap like Pretty Woman. Here's a "fashion doll" (not Barbie brand) re-enactment.

Since I can't find clips of Marshall the actor, in Murphy Brown or Soap Dish, I will leave you all with a little piece of Beaches. Because you people are the wind between my knees. And I want you to know that...

Happy birthday dude! Don't break a hip!

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