Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Happy birthday Andy Partridge

I was expecting some shit if I picked Leonard DiCaprio, despite the fact that I genuinely think he's a good actor. So I was relieved to see Andy on the list. I have 47 XTC songs in my iTunes file right now. And this will prompt me to load more into my library queue when I pick up my Pernice Bros. and Venture Bros. (totally unrelated siblings stuff).

I don't know much about Andy except that he gets really bad stage fright, and will probably confuse him with Colin Moulding at some point. Andy is the lead songwriter for XTC and I'm pretty sure he has a thing for DC Comics, so enjoy some alternative pop from the last 30 years.  In no particular order, here's "Generals and Majors" (oooh, and it's Veterans Day):

"Senses Working Overtime"

"Making Plans for Nigel"

"Sgt. Rock (Is Going to Help Me Now)" (DC Comics reference)

"Braniac's Daughter" (DC Comics reference; performing as Dukes of Stratosphear)

"1,000 Umbrellas"

"Earn Enough for Us"

And I'll close with "Mayor of Simpleton"

I grew tired of "Dear God" about 18 years ago, and am upset that it threw off the integrity of Skylarking. Sorry if I left off your favorite.

Happy birthday dude, rock on!

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