Tuesday, October 27, 2009

You can now claim your money

This mail was sent to you with respect to the resolution that was reached by the International Payment Summit (IPS) meeting in 2009 concerning the outstanding payment yet to be made to beneficiaries. The board through its research team finds out that many Banks are in possession of unclaimed money. Most of the unclaimed funds are as a result of some difficulties with Government entities and other monitoring bodies in getting their payment to them and misinformation from their agents.

It was then concluded that 500,000 Pound Sterling should be made available to every beneficiaries after due verification and clarification by the nominated paying banks here in United Kingdom.

This procedure as laid down by IPS has enable lots of claimant in getting their payment and I will advice you also seize the opportunity while it last. Endeavour to acquaint me with the following information as stated below through (DELETED) for immediate processing.

Full Name:
Tel. /Fax Numbers:
Country of Resident:

You can reach me directly for further information with respect to the aforementioned through +447024036606.

Daniel Stephenson
International Payment
Tel: +447024036606

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