Thursday, October 1, 2009

What's a "penelty"

Dear Jon, spelling may or may not count. Personally, I'd trespass just to find out what a penelty might be. I think a judge might not enforce a misspelled sign.

Dlisted has the full story here, but what's truly fantastic about this story, is that someone took the time to make this sign in the first place... and the care with which they hung it.

The wording reminds me of these threatening letters my older sister and her third ex-husband wrote to an ex-employer of his demanding his final paycheck and informing them that the keys were under the "butt can" and dropping some quasi-legal sounding phrases, and possibly "post-haste." They used an old word processor I had, and left it saved to memory, and a friend ran across it later and printed it for me. It's been a while. Good times.

To quote the tea-baggers: Get a brain, morans.

PS: You spelled YOUR NAME wrong too.

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