Monday, October 5, 2009

What should we call our new awesome straw?

So I got a sandwich at the airport for my flight back to Portland because, you know, airlines aren't supplying anything these days. And there I spied this lovely box of straws. Awesome Straws brand straws. Which required a picture.

I've worked in the corporate world long enough to know that nearly every product naming goes through an ungodly amount of discussion. Everyone has an opinion. Or their 13-year old kid does (which is why I am careful to talk about "names that need work" instead of "the crappiest names from the list" when I have done naming research); people place a little too much value on the input provided by their 13-year olds... it's that magical age when kids start to make some sense and also talk to their parents candidly. Everything goes down hill when kids hit 14.

Back to Awesome Straws. I tried to find out more information about this product. To no avail. So far, nothing, but a post at a blog apparently run by Hot Topic shoppers (here). Anyway, I'll continue to look.

In the meantime, here are a few names I'm guessing they considered but tossed:
Perfectly Adequate Straws (doesn't convey the full awesomeness)
Awesome Sticks (aren't actual sticks, needs more "straw" to it)
Straws That Have a Lot of Awesomeness (this is getting warm--can we fine tune?)

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