Tuesday, October 6, 2009

RIP Peg Mullen

"I have no idea of your age, but I hope you never have to stand in a quiet corner of an airport and say goodbye to a son in uniform, knowing in your heart that you’ll never see him again.

I hope you never suffer the horror of a military man sitting at your kitchen table trying to tell how your son died — then wait 10 days for his body to be returned and his casket unloaded in a darkened corner of the same airport."--Peg Mullen in a message to a columnist for the Des Moines Register responding to his support for the pending invasion of Iraq (take 2)

Peg Mullen lost her son in Vietnam. She became an outspoken activist, using his death benefit to take out large ads protesting the Vietnam war in the Des Moines paper back in 1970. A pretty audacious move, you have to agree.

Her story was the basis for the TV movie Friendly Fire starring Carol Burnett.

From the New York Times obit:
Mrs. Mullen’s militancy never abated. At 74, she rode a bus for 38 hours to protest the first Persian Gulf war. In 2005, at 88, she said she was furious that she could not join Cindy Sheehan, a mother who lost a son in the Iraq war, in Ms. Sheehan’s protest outside President George W. Bush’s ranch in Texas.

Details here.

Rest in peace.

(h/t to Rachel Maddow via Twitter)

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