Monday, October 26, 2009

Quote of the day

From a Salon article (here) featuring the private diary of Sarah Palin's co-writer Lynn Vincent (I would have put ironic "" around co-writer, but couldn't figure out how to make the co- ironic, since Vincent clearly did write it).
"We didn't have any money for some elitist wedding. I spent four years pulling fish guts with Todd, feeding the babies with that stink still on me. That's something these affirmative action trust-fund whiners will never understand. They don't know what it's like to build yourself up from nothing, one reeking hope at a time."--Sarah Palin (quitter, AK)

Yes, yes they do. See, Sarah, the problem is when you build yourself up from nothing and then you find out that the job's been filled by someone's nephew. Or the slot's filled with someone's golf buddy's grandson. No room in medical school for you, bright hard-working minority student. Suck it. Affirmative action seeks to level the playing field. (Oh, right, that doesn't help your constant need to be a victim, sorry.) In fact most who benefit from affirmative action aren't trust-fund whiners.

Trust-fund whiners are people like Bill Kristol who has gotten everything wrong and still has a job. Thank goodness daddy left him a name.

I love how "elitist" is this go-to word for her. She's happy to take $200,000+ in wardrobe money for herself and her family, but she still uses that word. Nice mansion, by the way.

And hey, "whiners." Pot, kettle, black.

Keep on rocking my world babe!

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