Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Newt + Kent = awesome story (surprisingly)

The usually disappointing Kent Jones accidentally ended up delivering an interesting story on Rachel Maddow's show yesterday (through no effort of his own). He was in the Dallas/Fort Worth area to cover George W. Bush's first public motivational speech, and ended up visiting a woman who was given, then had taken back, an entrepreneur of the year award on account of the fact that her small business includes naked dancing women. Details.

Republicans don't seem to like details, whether it's the qualifications of their Vice Presidential candidates, or the consistency of their message (we oppose Medicare, which we now are pretending to defend; I oppose anyone who has an adulterous affair, except when it's me [looking at you Mark Sanford, but also John Ensign, and hey, even Newt Gingrich himself]). Blah blah blah. Watch the story, it also involves pit-bulls!

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