Monday, October 26, 2009

Happy birthday Seth MacFarlane

He's young(-er than me), handsome, talented, wealthy and funny as shit. And decidedly un-PC. Which is delightful. I'll take him ahead of Hugh Jackman any day, although a group thing is also totally an option guys.

Here he is giving Harvard's 2006 graduation speech (part 1--it's worth following the links to watch the whole thing since he delivers the other parts in character voices):

He's won 2 Emmys, has 3 shows on television right now, and a $100 million contract. Call me.

Here's a live performance from Family Guy:

I can't find a clip of his appearance on Gilmore Girls, and he's been on Enterprise and Flash Forward.

Here's a clip from his Cavalcade of Comedy cartoon series:

MacFarlane totally went to bat for the WGA during their strike back in 2007 (details here) which is fucking awesome! Here he is speaking to the troops:

Rock on dude! Happy birthday and keep up the good work!

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