Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Happy birthday Matthew Sweet

My first experience with Matthew Sweet was back in 1989, with Earth his 2nd album. It's great, and long forgotten, and if you like Matthew at all, dig around for it at used record stores, because you'll probably find a copy for $4. Worth it.

Sadly no one has any of those songs on the youtubes. And I'm too old and curmudgeonly to make the effort myself.

He came into the mainstream (well, alternative music mainstream) a couple of years later, providing nice pop songs that gave a break from 20 minutes of grunge. After I wrote that last sentence I went to find a video clip for "Girlfriend" (the title track of his 3rd album) and the montage that leads into it seems to back me up. Also listen to the "enthusiasm" in the announcer's voice. The video is from the anime film Space Adventure Cobra.

The girl in the photo used as the cover of Girlfriend is actress Tuesday Weld, who allowed the use of her photo after they changed the title from Nothing Lasts.

Here's Matthew on MTV's 120 Minutes introducing the video for "I've Been Waiting." Interesting trivia: MTV used stand for music television and they played music videos.

Here's "Sick of Myself" from 100% Fun (the album's title is taken from Kurt Cobain's suicide note).

Sweet collaborated with Shawn Mullins and Pete Droge in a supergroup called The Thorns.

Lately he's been working with Susannah Hoffs, and they recently ("recently" because it seems recent, but then my memory comes and goes, and Vol. 2 might be 4 years old by now) released a 2nd album of covers. Here are a couple:

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