Thursday, October 8, 2009

Flashback song: "Something to Fall Back On"

An upbeat commute mix this morning, including Cher "Believe" and Mel C's "I Turn to You" which led me to the sad realization that I can tell Mel C and Mel B apart, but I can't remember which is Type I and which is Type II statistical error.

And the cream filling to that particular Oreo of songs was Todd Rundgren. Rundgren has made some bad ass pop music in his time. "Hello It's Me" and "Can We Still be Friends" are probably his best known songs, and he's produced some big records, including Meat Loaf's Bat Out of Hell (with Jim Steinman) and XTC's Skylarking (an album the band hates but I love). Rundgren continues to work, 42 years into his career, so rock on dude!

In 1985 he experimented by sampling his voice and using those samples as the music for his A Capella album. "Something to Fall Back On" was the single, and all the music is Todd's voice.

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