Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A co-worker received this "recommendation from a friend"

On a special recommendation,
It is exclusively along the gold coast that you are given an opportunity this day to own a property. This is a strategic policy of the government to bring-in more foreign investors. Being aware of the values of this exclusive sites, this will eventually attract more investors for a rapid urbanization and development. The gold coast here is a site blessed with much natural resources; especially gold. With this project, you are given the privilege and autonomy over a construction project of which you will also become a life time landlord. Hence forth, the legible beneficiary will be given this opportunity for the construction of a block of flats.

Our motive here is to guarantee your legibility. thus to this effect, we solicit a serious person to whom that task will be conferred to. Someone who will be available to visit the site at least once every year; someone with promotional abilities to attract investors; eventually this is also a lucrative action that will yield over five hundred thousand Euro for each block accomplished. Our main objective is to positively assure your satisfactions so that through this, more investors will be captured and in different domains. Please kindly inform us if you are not legible to these conditions, knowing that this privilege is first given to you. Thanks for knowing your interest.
Best regards,

Sir Bob.

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