Thursday, September 3, 2009

Way to engage guys!

I thought we'd been discussing healthcare reform/accusing Obama of a variety of insane intentions (killing my Grandma, enslaving the white man, reparations... insurance for everyone!) for a while now, but apparently conservatives haven't been participating.

No shit.

But now, well, now they would like a serious debate (details here). Which is... what's the opposite if "timely"?

So here's my plan: tit for tat (1. yes I said "tit" and 2. I'm just that juvenile). My response to all proposals they bring forward will be met with:
- No!
- Where's the birth certificate!
- No!
- The tree of liberty has too many fruits and needs a pruning.
- Play Mexico! (It works at Morrissey concerts as well.)
- No!
I'm still working on something about Chuck Norris, and something about cold dead hands.

I was trying to figure out the best way to explain this, and I think I've stumbled on it with our public school system. Imagine a scenario in which we, as a nation (sorry to all my non-American readers, not trying to be xenophobic, I just don't think you exist) decided we didn't want to provide a universal basic education to everyone, regardless of income. Why, it's socialism I say. If people want education, they should buy into a private education fund, and hope they can get into a school that's convenient and not overcrowded (look, I know that describes a lot of public schools, but give me some latitude with my analogy) and then, hope that you don't hit a bad grade or something and have the private education fund dump your ass. You see, private education funds make a profit when they can keep your money and not pay for your education.

The CEO of UnitedHealth Group has made more than $750 million dollars in salary and benefits in the past 10 years. I don't think he did it by making sure every claim got approved. Or by keeping the premiums charged to his customers in line with the rate of inflation. And he's not the only one in the industry who makes a handsome salary. Which is why they are so resistant to significant reform.

So if you want to debate healthcare reform, let's remove profit motives--anyone who is resisting because they might have to live off the nearly billion dollars they've earned, can shut the fuck up. If you resist it based on a philosophical objection to socialism, look at the public school system: do you think it has served a greater good by existing? How many working class kids do you think would have gotten that step up? And the existence of a public school system doesn't mean private schools don't exist any more (in fact, the crappiness of many public schools is often the best marketing for private schools). And you can still home school/pray your sick away.

Anyway, my point (cause my vacation really needs me back, but somehow I can't stop opining) is this: stop biting people's fingers off!

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