Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Song of the day: "You Belong With Me"

Yes, a Taylor Swift song. A few things:
1. I have been asked MORE THAN ONCE how she could win Best Female Video, beating Beyonce, while Beyonce won Video of the Year. I don't know. The MTV Video Music Awards have a mysterious and constantly changing set of rules that includes a requirement that eligible videos air at least once on MTV during some eligibility period. Since MTV never actually plays videos, I find this a remarkable expectation.
2. Taylor Swift can't sing. I watched the Grammy nominations special last December and she sang live. It was bad. Her recorded stuff is good. So is Paula Abdul's. So is mine and Rebel's... arrrooooooo.
3. Taylor (I think) writes her own songs. As far as song writing goes, she's doing damn good.
4. The video (below) shows Taylor playing two characters, with costume changes, and emotional angst. Beyonce just dances all hot as shit in black and white. Taylor, come get your award.

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