Sunday, September 13, 2009

Quote of the day

The tiny silver lining in this utterly retarded story.

The Eagle in Atlanta was raided last Thursday night. Everyone in the bar was put face down on the floor (yes, that floor) and searched. Bar staff and anyone dancing in just underwear was handcuffed (is that a truncheon in your Ginch Gonch?). It was advertised as Underwear Night.

Despite requiring every one in the bar to be searched, only a few bar staff and dancers were arrested. The charge? No permit for men dancing in underwear.

More than a dozen officers raided the bar, allegedly looking for drugs (and by the way, I never hear about this shit happening at Shooters in Lilburn GA), but the only arrests were related to the lack of a permit for "strippers." (If you begin dancing clad only in underwear, you're not a stripper, you're a Go Go Boy.)

What's a little surprising to me is that Thursday nights used to be fairly, um, randy there. So good for them that it wasn't the reason, nor a cause for any arrests.

Which brings us to the quote. In a comments section on the article someone lamented the death of many gay bars in Atlanta over the past 15 years (overlooking the massive construction in midtown, and assuming it's the city government that wanted them out) and listed The Armory (sigh), Backstreets (sigh), The Phoenix (never went), some others, and The Cove (sigh). And the quote:
"The Cove? Jeezus Christ, honey, how old are you?"--Crispy

I am exactly that old Crispy.

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guyn2gear said...

Actually the charge was for men dancing *nude* without a license (which would be an "adult entertainment" license, such as the one Swinging Richards pays big bucks to keep).

Yeah, the Eagle is sooooo seedy and underbelly. One speaker at the rally said that Project Runway was on the TV that night. I can believe it... I've been there once and seen a marathon, of all things, of "My Name is Earl".

There's plenty of kinky stuff to see there at various times, but it's still generally clean and explicit sex is pretty much nonexistent; basically it's just a very nonjudgmental environment. Compare to, say, Heretic where they throw a tarp over one of the pool tables and turn out the lights in that room on some nights; and to top it off, everyone has a chip on his shoulder about body image.

Yeah, sure, Eagle's really that bad. And go-go boys might fly out of my butt. (If only....)