Thursday, September 3, 2009

A quick note on dog pack management

Over the past ten years I've had various configurations of dogs: 1 dog, 2 dogs, back to 1 dog, and now 3 dogs. With the temporary addition of Rufus it's 4 dogs. I have the benefit of someone around the house most of the day when I'm at work, so that's helpful, and every bit as much fun as it is work.

But here's the thing.

After 2 dogs, there's a "degree of difficulty" thing that starts to apply.

3 dogs feel like 4 dogs. I didn't realize that when I adopted a 2-fer. It worked out, but without a "dog nanny" (slash personal assistant/property manager/landscaper) I probably would have a lot less stuff (my blood pressure monitor thing got eaten on Monday... I was gone less than an hour).

And 4 dogs feel like 8. It might be the case that were Rufus a regular in the pack, it would only feel like 6. I'm using my squirt gun quite a bit this week.

I got the dog car back from the shop yesterday, so we can hit the park today. Hooray! (They LOVE the ride, the park is okay.)

And yes, my dogs have a nanny (aka my friend who lives in my basement for free in exchange for taking care of stuff around the house, including [especially] the dogs) and a car (a 13 year old SUV that's not worth much to sell, but runs just fine and can hold a pack). Lest you go thinking I'm some latte sipping, endive eating fancy pants. I slurp my lattes... when I get them.

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