Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Out of coffee=fail

I was a little grumpy going in, but then I felt like an idiot at the Little Red Bike Cafe on Lombard in NoPo. Couldn't order cause dude was talking to the lady. Don't mind me, just a schmuck holding some menus.

Get to order, and get some empty coffee cups. Where's the coffee? Where's the cream and sugar?

So the food is good, solid B/B+ stuff, but a little spendy for a breakfast sandwich and a cup of coffee. A single cup of coffee because they ran out.

She said she guessed she would make some more, but almost as though it were an imposition. On their blog (or Twitter feed) she takes pride in running out of coffee saying it's a good problem to have. Then she complains about running out of register tape... why not also a good problem to have?

I went to Starby's and got my IVL (iced venti quad espresso, named after Leland who got me hooked)... Starby's had plenty of coffee. And their breakfast sandwiches are as good as the Little Red Thingy Thing. And cheaper. So, sorry, no more LRBC for me.

Then I grabbed Crystal Gayle and TV on the Radio from the library. And now it's time for my nappy nap. Vacation day 2!

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