Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Nobel Prize for stoner foods

That's not an actual award yet, but I believe I have a nominee anyway. This is taco nachos from Jack in the Box. The tacos ARE the nachos. And then there's that fakey orange cheese and some jalapenos. Which is all good.

Until you get to the bed of shredded iceberg lettuce.


Iceberg lettuce is a nuisance food. And by using it as a base for this otherwise fine delicacy, you're causing a major problem. Because the leftover cheese is no longer on the bottom of the bowl that can be licked clean. It's on a bunch of shredded iceberg lettuce.

Iceberg lettuce and gooey nacho cheese. Are you thinking "yum"? Me neither.

So Silver Medal, Jack in the Box. Silver Medal.

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