Sunday, September 13, 2009

Congratulations to South Park

The evil geniuses (Matt Stone and Trey Parker) behind South Park are geniuses. Seriously. And part of the evil, and part of the genius, is that they hide some of the most insightful satire in the middle of some of today's raunchiest base humor.

Last night South Park won its fourth Emmy for Outstanding Animated Program for the "Margaritaville" episode, an episode that deals with a frozen drink machine as an allegory for mortgage-backed securities. What a cliche, right?

Think it's a gross-out comedy for kids? This is from the episode's Wikipedia entry (here).
"Margaritaville" is a satire and commentary on the global recession affecting much of the industrialized world at the time of the episode's broadcast on March 25, 2009. Randy's approach to resolving the recession, calling for frugality and stigmatizing spending on luxuries, and the result of causing the quality of life in South Park to deteriorate, is a demonstration of the paradox of thrift. Kyle's counter-movement could be broadly interpreted as Keynesian, given Kyle's heavy emphasis on the demand-driven causes of the recession, his assertion that an entire economy is not a personal being and not driven by a moral imperative, and his final act of liquidating the town's bad debts in order to stimulate demand.

Here's a clip:

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