Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Chia please!

Seriously (see here), Chia has created an Obama head. But to diffuse any suggestion of racism (you see, Obama is black [shhh, don't tell anyone] and has short curly hair, which the little Chia plant leaves emulate), they added Lincoln and Washington. Nothing says "powdered wig" like little green leaves. Although I guess Homer Simpson, being bald, shouldn't really have Chia plants at all, so maybe I'm reading a little too much into this.

And to diffuse any suggestion of sexism, they added in the Statue of Liberty. Because no actual female is worthy of honor in this Chia manner. Sorry ladies, but you should have stepped up and signed the Declaration of Independence and Constitution when you had the chance. By skipping that day (what, shopping?) you locked yourself out of all future opportunities (at least that's how Pat Buchanan taught me to think).

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