Monday, August 31, 2009

Today in Jesus's love/Jesus's hate

As part of the on-going "I heart Portland so very very much" series, is this heart-warming story (h/t Towleroad, here): a Methodist minister at a church here in Portland, a man who has been in the clergy for nearly 30 years, came out as transgender to his congregation. When he finished his sermon he was met with "thunderous applause." It's like a way-less-violent Crying Game, with a happy ending (so far).

But I don't expect him to get off quite so easily in the coming weeks. Because bi-polar Jesus also lives to hate! Check this out:

So let me just say someone needs to tell his property (aka this bitch who is talking about a man--the only kind of human that counts) to shut the fuck up, or else she's going to get stoned (with rocks, not the fun kind), as is God's will.

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