Saturday, August 22, 2009

Oh, snap du juor

On her relief at discovering the identity of the anonymous blogger behind Skanks in NYC

" was not someone I respected."--Liskula Cohen (#1 skanky superstar per the Skanks in NYC)

It's a fun story, kinda, made all the more fun by the NY Post's sober coverage (here); I wonder how Strunk & White prefers the plural of 'ho.

Folks seem a little taken aback that the blogger was, gasp, a female. I guess, historically, women never insult other women (can't think of an instance myself, but I'm sure there's one... Dynasty?). Or maybe blogging itself is just for geeky dudes, whatev.

Credit where credit's due, upon finding out the identity, Cohen dropped the associated $3 million defamation lawsuit: "This is about forgiveness," Cohen said. "It adds nothing to my life to hurt hers. I wish her happiness." That is one classy (alleged) skank (please don't sue).

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