Sunday, August 30, 2009

Notes on Humpday

So I got to a movie this afternoon, and it's at a great downtown Portland place called The Living Room Theaters. And it serves cocktails. So my movie enjoyment was boosted by a Long Island Iced Tea (no Xanax chaser, so not a Calm Blue Ocean).

Anyway, a fun little indie, nicely acted and put together. The movie, about 2 life-long friends who end up basically daring each other to co-star together in a home-made porn movie. With each other. Only each other.

The humor is driven largely by the awkwardness of the situation, which feels pretty genuine. Credit to all 3 leads: Mark Duplass, Joshua Leonard, and Alycia Delmore; all performances were solid. This isn't a movie with gripping "for your consideration" monologues; its strength is in the occasional arched brow or cocked head.

I joked about the inevitable remake starring Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson. But it could happen.

Awards prospects? Probably none, save Independent Spirit Awards.

Unrelated to the movie, but specific to the venue, is the sink from the men's room. Which is this weird trough. That I initially thought was a urinal. But I figured it out before anything embarrassing happened.

But check this shit out:

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