Thursday, August 20, 2009

Notes on District 9

My "notes on" stuff isn't meant to be a full review, but more tracking awards prospects for a given movie, or a retrospective look at awards "should have beens."

That being said, District 9 impressed with its effects. Lots going on, and visually seamless. Or there really are aliens in South Africa.

Either way, it looks cool.

And gross.

And shaky. In a "make it look real" shaky-cam kind of way.

So possible Oscar categories: original screenplay, visual effects, make-up, sound, sound effects editing, and editing.

I will throw cinematography and art direction in as outside chance categories.

And I will add in 3 long-shot categories: best director, best actor for lead Sharlto Copley, and best picture.

Wait, actually since best picture expands to 10 nominations this year, let's move that up to "possible." I think we will end up seeing some interesting contenders there, as a token gesture; and I am hopeful that at some point one of them will win, upsetting common wisdom. But let's see how the first year of 10 nominees plays out first.

I'd be reluctant to slot it as one of the Top 10 of the year, but its been really enthusiastically received (IMDB ranking of #29, so the fan boys are all over it). I'm sure Dark Knight, which was similarly received last year, would have been among a list of 10 best picture nominees (so close last year... so close). And it's making money.

So yeah, look for it there. Of any of the summer movies, it feels like it has the best shot. Or... Star Trek? Funny People? Inglorious Basterds? Up?

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