Tuesday, August 18, 2009

If you see this man, you do not need to call 9-1-1

His name is Robert Zimmerman, but the kids call him "Bob Dylan" and he's mostly harmless (much like Earth).

Unfortunately someone in a New Jersey community didn't recognize him when he was walking (walking? in America? really?) around and looking at houses in a "low income, predominantly minority neighborhood"... so anyway, Bob was out of pot and went looking to score.

Blah blah blah cops came. Cops under the age of 30. Cops who did not know who the fuck Bob Dylan is.

Now, my point isn't that they didn't recognize him. Hell, Vincent Price, Salvador Dali or Bob Dylan? Sure, whatever.

My point is they hadn't heard of Bob Dylan.

So Grammys, an Oscar, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, a Pulitzer Prize, a Kennedy Center Honor or not, I'm just as recognizable to the cops of New Jersey as Bob Dylan.

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